January, 2023 – My and Friederike Eyssel‘s application for the EAISI Visiting Professor Grant has been accepted. Friederike is coming to visit the Human-Technology Interaction group at TU/e in the Fall 2023.

January, 2023 – I have joined the board of the Expertise Center Dementia and Technology (ECDT) at TU/e.

January, 2023 – I have joined the editorial board of the International Journal of Social Robotics as Associate Editor.

September 18, 2022 – I chatted about my research with Petra Stock for Cosmos Magazine. The video-interview “Human-robot interactions: how do people attribute gender to robots?” is a follow-up of the previous article. You can watch it online. [watch the video-interview here]

August 26, 2022 – I was interviewed by Petra Stock for Cosmos magazine about my research on gendering humanoid robots. The interview is featured in the article “Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto: Gendering robots is a cognitive shortcut that can lead to short circuits“. You can read it online. [read the article here]

July 13, 2022 – I had the pleasure to be part of the evaluation committee for the doctoral thesis of Maria Elena Lechuga Redondo “Comfortability: Definition, Elicitation, Analysis, and Recognition under a Human-Robot Interactive Perspective” at the Italian Institute of Technology – COgNiTive Architecture for Collaborative Technologies Unit (supervisors: Dr. Alessandra Sciutti, Dr. Francesco Rea and Prof. Giulio Sandini).

July 11, 2022 – the behavioral analysis tool I developed to measure the engagement of people with dementia during the interaction with technologies was featured in an article about the research of Dr. Yuan Feng. [Read the English article here] [Read the Dutch article here]

July 3, 2022 – The pre-print of the review paper “Robot’s Gendering Trouble: A Scoping Review of Gendering Humanoid Robots and its Effects on HRI” that I wrote with Dominika Lisy is finally online [read the pre-print here]

June 29th, 2022 – My and Dr. Maartje de Graaf‘s small project “The Influence of Perceived Gender on the Occurrence of Robot Mistreatment in HRI” has been funded by the Human-AI Alliance! The project will fund two Master’s theses supervised by me and Dr. Maartje de Graaf, held at Utrecht University and Eindhoven University of Technology!

June 15, 2022 – I was a panelist in the fireside chat “What is my voice, what kind of gender does it have?” moderated by Victor Rosi and Sylvie Saget and organized by Dr. Nicolas Obin in the context of Deep Voice 2022 at Sorbonne University

April 1, 2022 – I was a panelist in the symposium “To count as human. Gender-based inclusion and exclusion in digital technologies” organized by Dr. Astrid Weiss and Dr. Katta Spiel from TU Vienna for the Austrian Academy of Sciences (Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften – ÖAW). [Watch the video of the panel discussion here!]

March 24, 2022 – I gave a Guest Lecture at the PERSEO Winter School entitled “Gendering Humanoid Robots: Binary Norms and Representation Issues” organized by Prof. Mark Coeckelbergh of the University of Vienna. The PERSEO project is a MSCA-ITN project funding 15 PhD students coordinated by Prof. Silvia Rossi! [Watch the video of the guest lecture here!]

March 8th, 2022 – My research on Heise.de in an article by Hans-Arthur Marsiske “Human Robot Interaction: Wie feministisch müssen Roboter sein?” [Eng. “Human Robot Interaction: How feminist robots need to be?] [read the article here]

March 11th, 2022 – The Inclusive HRI workshop took place at the ACM/IEEE HRI 2022 conference. I co-organized the workshop with Dr. Maartje de Graaf, Dr. Eduard Fosch-Villaronga, Dr. Frank Broz, Dr. Angelica Lim, Dr. Elaine Short, and Prof. Mark Neerincx. Around 100 people signed up for the workshop! [watch the panel discussions and paper presentations of the Inclusive HRI workshop]

March 10th, 2022 – The paper I authored with Dr. Stefano Guidi, Margherita Bicchi, and Oronzo Parlangeli “The Shape of Our Bias: Perceived Age and Gender in the Humanoid Robots of the ABOT database” got a honorable mention at the ACM/HRI 2022 conference!

March 8th, 2022 – I presented the paper “The Shape of Our Bias: Perceived Age and Gender in the Humanoid Robots of the ABOT database” at the ACM/HRI 2022 conference! [read the paper here]

March 8th, 2022 – Maha Elgarf presented a paper I co-authored, “And then what happens?”: Promoting Children’s Verbal Creativity Using a Robot” at the ACM/HRI 2022 conference! [read the paper here]

March 4th, 2022 – The humanoid ROBOts – Gender and Age Perception (ROBO-GAP) dataset is available online. The dataset includes the ratings of femininity, masculinity and gender neutrality of all the 251 robots currently featured in the ABOT database. Our website allows you to interactively explore the ROBO-GAP dataset, as well as draw a random sample of robots or a custom selection from it! [download and explore the dataset at this link]